Commercial Companies

  • health check of your organization including revenue growth & risk management
  • long-term strategy including succession & exit planning
  • digital transformation and ethics management
  • efficiency of your teams and workflows of support functions
  • cash flow, value-based pricing and margin management

Public Sector

  • guidance for policy makers in economic development
  • design & test a smart city strategy to meet stakeholder needs
  • redesign of governance and organizational processes to enhance administrative simplification
  • evaluating the impact of regulation to reduce administration cost for businesses
  • digital transformation of public services
  • economic studies and development of sovereign niche policies for industry sectors

Financial Institutions

  • business model screening of core banking segments (private banking, asset & fund management) to evaluate value for clients
  • challenge value proposition to unhide white spots that do not cover the existing & future client needs
  • build Expert Network ecosystem to address white spots with tailor-made services
  • design the governance architecture with an assessment framework to qualify, select, evaluate and monitor the network experts
  • apply assessment framework to identify potential network experts and support the implementation

Transformational Entrepreneurship

  • 1% of MANGHINI’s revenues are donated to public benefit organizations.
  • 1 project per year will be delivered on a pro bono basis to support philanthropic organizations enhancing education for children.
  • we aspire not only to transform your business to the next level of performance but to make a positive contribution to society at large.
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